Man dies in motorcycle accident after servicing bike 30 minutes earlier.

Motorcyclist Dies in Malatya after Being Hit by Car

A tragic incident occurred in the Hilalkent neighborhood of Malatya, Turkey, when a motorcyclist crashed into a car and lost his life. Mustafa Ulukaya had just serviced his motorcycle with the plate number 07 CBR 21 for the summer, and had been traveling in traffic when a car with the plate number 23 ADM 096 under the administration of TD turned from the main road to the neighborhood and collided with him.

The impact of the accident caused Ulukaya to be thrown onto the road, resulting in serious injuries. Despite the intervention of health and police teams dispatched to the scene, he could not be saved and was pronounced dead upon arrival at Fırat University Hospital.

Police conducted an investigation at the scene, but no further information has been released. The incident has left family and friends in mourning and serves as a reminder of the dangers of accidents on the road.


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