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Man Sentenced for Murdering Bride-to-Be

On November 25, 2022, a tragic incident unfolded in the Atilla Neighborhood of the Konak district. Özlem Eryakşi, a mother of two children, was fatally shot in the stomach with a gun in the house she shared with her partner Cemal Kusuvoğlu, who she was preparing to marry. The couple also worked together at the same cafeteria. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Eryakşi unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. Following the incident, Cemal Kusuvoğlu was taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

During the legal proceedings, Kusuvoğlu claimed that the gun discharged accidentally while he was joking. However, the prosecution pushed for an aggravated life sentence for the deliberate killing of a woman, as well as a prison term of up to 3 years for the possession of an unlicensed firearm and bullets.

The case reached its conclusion at the 5th hearing held at the Izmir Courthouse 5th High Criminal Court on May 27. The prosecutor reiterated the request for an aggravated life sentence without reduction for the defendant. Additionally, a sentence of up to 3 years was sought for the firearms-related charges.

In the final hearing, attended by the defendant, legal representatives, and members of the ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’, the prosecutor maintained the stance for the requested punishment. Kusuvoğlu continued to assert his innocence.

Following a brief adjournment, the court delivered its verdict. Cemal Kusuvoğlu was ultimately sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment. However, taking into account the argument between Kusuvoğlu and Eryakşi before her tragic death as an unjust provocation, the sentence was reduced to 24 years in prison. In addition, Kusuvoğlu was also sentenced to 2 years in prison and fined for the illegal possession of a weapon.

With the proceedings now concluded, justice has been served in the tragic case of Özlem Eryakşi’s untimely demise.



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