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“Mardin’s Stunning Filigree Jewelry Exhibited in Vienna”

An exhibition featuring the works of Mardin Artuklu University faculty members has opened at the Vienna Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) exhibition hall. The exhibition showcased the jewelry designs of Nesrin Yeşilmen, Sabahattin Akgül, İzzet Zorlu, and Fatih Yeşilmen. According to Ayşe Yorulmaz, Vienna YEE Manager, the exhibition brought together valuable professors and jewelry designers, and each piece of jewelry reflected the skills of the artist.

During the exhibition, guests had the opportunity to examine the jewelry on display and to speak with the artists about their works. Sabahattin Akgül, a lecturer at Mardin Artuklu University, shared the story of the filigree art of the Midyat region from past to present with guests.

The artists also demonstrated filigree jewelry making techniques in practice, with guests participating in the event. The group jewelry exhibition will be open at Vienna YEE until Saturday.

The exhibition is a showcase of Turkish ornamental art and jewelry, and the works displayed highlight the flawless order of geometry in jewelry making. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see filigree designs created by highly skilled artists and to learn about the history and culture behind these designs. The exhibition serves as a testament to the creativity and skill of Turkish artists and to the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Turkey.


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