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Summer Fruits and Vegetables Arrive at Istanbul Markets

Summer has arrived in Istanbul with the arrival of fresh fruits and vegetables in the market stalls of the city. With the weather being sunny, Istanbulites have been taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase fresh produce.

The fruits that have arrived in the city are strawberries, pastor plums, melons, and watermelons. The prices of strawberries are 60 lira per kilo while cherries cost 70 lira per kilo. Plums are sold for 50 lira per kilo, bananas for 35 lira per kilo, and mulberries for 40 lira per kilo.

As for vegetables, summer tomatoes are priced at 15 lira per kilo, lemon at 10 lira per kilo, pepper at 35 lira per kilo, green beans at 40-50 lira per kilo, cauliflower at 20 lira per kilo, cucumber at 10-15 lira per kilo, and zucchini at 30 lira per kilo.

With the abundance of fresh produce, Istanbulites are expected to enjoy a healthy and delicious summer.



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