MBDA clinches SCALP missile contract with Greece

MBDA Signs Contract with Greek Air Force for SCALP Cruise Missiles

European missile and ammunition manufacturer MBDA has recently signed a contract with the Hellenic Air Force for the renewal of SCALP Cruise Missiles. The contract includes half-life regeneration (MLR) activities and technical support for the missiles in the Greek military’s inventory.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Hellenic Air Force will supply mission planning products, maintenance, and technical support for the SCALP Missile. MBDA CEO Eric Béranger commented that the contract has a special meaning for the company since it’s signed 55 years after their first Exocet contract with Greece.

The SCALP missile, also known as STORM SHADOW internationally, currently equips the Hellenic Air Force’s Mirage 2000-5 and Rafale warplanes. The missiles have been ordered as part of original weapons packages for the Mirage 2000-5 and 18 Rafales also ordered by Greece in 2021 and an additional six Rafales in 2022.

The missile is a fire-and-forget cruise missile with a range of 250+ km, which can increase to 350+ km. Its guidance control system uses inertial navigation (INS), satellite navigation (GPS), surface scanner (TERPROM), and advanced passive infrared receiver (IIR) for the final terminal phase.

MBDA has been committed to offering key sovereign capabilities that provide the best solutions to meet the Greek Armed Forces customer’s requirements. The recent contract reinforces their commitment to continue to provide these capabilities to the Greek military and meet their future defense needs.



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