Mediterranean Sports Association and Koopspor Win Basketball U17 League

TRNC Basketball Federation Kicks Off U17 Men’s League

The Basketball U17 Men’s League organized by the TRNC Basketball Federation has officially begun. The league started with two exciting matches played last night.

In the first match held in Girne, the Mediterranean Sports Association clashed with Girne American University. It was a tough and intense match, but the Mediterranean Sports Association emerged victorious with a final score of 62-57.

Meanwhile, the second match of the night was held in the Famagusta Arena. Ada Sports Club and Koopspor went head-to-head in a tough struggle. Despite a close game, Koopspor managed to secure a win with a score of 75-69.

The teams in the league are expected to play against each other in several matches throughout the season. The league promises to be full of excitement, with young talented basketball players showcasing their skills in the court.

Basketball fans and enthusiasts in the TRNC can catch the games live and support their favorite teams. The Basketball U17 Men’s League is set to be a major highlight in the local sports scene, and fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming matches.


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