“Meet the 2023 Amasya Parliamentary Candidates: AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and Green Left Party”

Amasya Parliamentary Candidates for 2023

As the 2023 parliamentary election in Turkey approaches, voters in Amasya are searching for information about the candidates who will be representing their chosen party. The competition between political parties is highest in cities with a high population, and each party is putting forward strong names to attract voters. Here is everything you need to know about the Amasya parliamentary election.

Amasya has several districts, including Göynücek, Gümüşhacıköy, Hamamöz, Merkez, Merzifon, Suluova, and Taşova. The election results in each of these districts will play a key role in determining the outcome of the election in Amasya. With a population of over 340,000, Amasya will elect three deputies in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Here is a list of the parliamentary candidates for each party in Amasya:

– National Party: Yunus Emre Celik, Ridvan Cetin, and Davut Ev
– Party of Rights and Freedoms: Abdullah Celebi, Adile Kaygalak, and Bari Baydas
– Communist Party of Turkey: Ersin Erol, Özgür Hüseyin Akış Yüksek, and Onur Kılıç
– Communist Movement in Turkey: Sinan Acıkgöz, Fatma Acıgöz, and Shine Sun Buran
– Left Party: Nasuh Tuğrul Saltık, Hasan Tilkıcıoğlu, and Celal Özder
– Youth Party: Jasmine Akdumanlı, Elif Açelya Açıkbaş, and Orhan Vardar
– National Party: Murat Erdemir, Ozan Özcan, and Zeynep Kılıç
– Great Unity Party: Ahmet Gültekin, Serdar Ateş, and Elif Bilgin
– Justice and Development Party: Haluk Silk, Hasan Çilez, and Abdulkim Bağra Şimşek
– Party for Rewell: Kazim Gümüş, Osman Ay, and November 3 Bursa
– Nationalist Movement Party: Mehmet Yellow, Mustafa Güçyetmez, and Murat Medium
– Greens and the Left Future Party: Haydar Görgü, Zulbiye Yilmaz, and Parent Section
– Workers’ Party of Turkey: Melike Öztürk Ardüç, Eren Gonen, and Dilaver Öztürk
– Homeland Party: Ömer Aslan, Oktay Özdemir, and Mehmet Serdar Karaman
– Innovation Party: Fatma Saka, Baki Ilıstır, and Honorary Years
– People’s Liberation Party: Sultan Akbina, Abdullah Elik, and Deniz Yaşar Bayram
– Vatan Party: Sefer Kılıç, Hasan Faruk Kurtoglu, and Ali Çal
– Power Union Party: Tahsin Lips, Özer Turan, and Yusuf Akgun
– Republican People’s Party: Reşat Karagöz, Arif Yılmaz, and Zeynep Ateş
– Good Party: İbrahim Mermer, Mehmet Kip Yüksek, and Hikmet Rusen Menekşe
– Justice Party: Ferhat Gürel, Ali Koçak, and Aysel Şahin
– Victory Party: Melih Kahvecioğlu, Serkan Kuşçu, and Murat Köse

These are the parliamentary candidates of the major political parties competing for seats in Amasya. Each party hopes to win the support of voters with their strong candidates and promises for the future. It remains to be seen which party will come out on top in the 2023 parliamentary elections in Amasya.


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