“Meet the 2023 Erzincan Deputy Candidates from Major Turkish Political Parties”

Erzincan Parliamentary Election Candidates Announced

As the 2023 parliamentary elections are approaching, Erzincan voters are searching for the candidates from different parties. The province, with a population of over 230,000, will elect two deputies. There are several districts in Erzincan that will impact the results of the election, including Merkez, Çayırlı, İliç, Kemah, Kemaliye, Otlukbeli, Refahiye, Tercan, and Üzümlü.

The list of candidates from various political parties has been announced for Erzincan, with strong names being put forward by each. The parties include the Nation Party, Party of Rights and Freedoms, Communist Party of Turkey, Communist Movement in Turkey, Left Party, Youth Party, Great Unity Party, Justice and Development Party, Party for Rewell, Nationalist Movement Party, Greens and the Left Future Party, Workers’ Party of Turkey, Homeland Party, Innovation Party, People’s Liberation Party, Vatan Party, Power Union Party, Republican People’s Party, Justice Party, and Victory Party.

These candidates have different educational backgrounds and professions, representing various strata of society. It is hoped that each candidate will work diligently for the welfare and development of Erzincan and its people. The voters must carefully analyze the lists and determine which candidates would best represent their interests.


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