“Meet the 2023 Parliamentary Candidates for Edirne: AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and Green Left Party”

The parliamentary candidates for the 2023 elections in Edirne, Turkey have been announced by the major political parties. Edirne, a city with a population of over 410 thousand, will have four deputies in the upcoming elections.

The districts that will affect the election results in Edirne are Enez, Havsa, Ipsala, Keşan, Lalapaşa, Meriç, Süloğlu, and Uzunköprü. As with other areas with high populations, competition between parties is high in Edirne, leading to the emergence of strong candidates.

The AK Party candidates for Edirne parliamentary include Fatma Aksal, Tarik Hatip, Erdinc Cekic, and Sevda Nur Kurban. Meanwhile, the CHP Edirne Deputy Candidates are Ediz Un, Ahmet Baran Yazgan, Ufuk Kaniskan, and Ahmet Erken, while the Good Party Edirne candidates include Mehmet Akalin, Wİsh Red, Hasan Hakan Sahin, and Huseyin Erkin.

The MHP Edirne Deputy Candidates are Ali Ozer, Ayvaz Yalaza, Hatice Ser, and Hulya Balkan. The Green Left Party (YSP) Edirne list features Madam Beautiful, Serdal Staple, Ozlem Ozdemir, and Erdal Aydemir. Type Edirne Candidates for Parliamentary include Guray Muhcu, Caner Soydal, Zelal Ozcan, and Ilhan Bilecik, while the National Party Edirne Candidates for Parliamentary include Erdem Bircan, Oktay Bozkurt, Sami Cakirlar, and Seydanur Akca.

For those seeking information on where to vote, the e-government 2023 YSK domestic voter registration inquiry can be used. Overall, the candidates for the 2023 parliamentary elections in Edirne offer a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences for voters to choose from.


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