Mehmet Akif Balta appointed as DSI’s General Director

Mehmet Akif Balta Appointed as General Directorate of DSI

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has signed an appointment decree stating that Mehmet Akif Balta will be appointed as the General Director of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI). Balta previously served as the Deputy General Manager at DSI. Mehmet Ekinci, on the other hand, has been appointed as the new Deputy General Manager, which was previously held by Balta.

This appointment has been made in accordance with Articles 2 and 3 of Presidential Decree No. 3. The appointments were also published in the Official Gazette.

The State Hydraulic Works is a government agency responsible for the construction and operation of hydraulic and irrigation facilities in Turkey. The agency’s main objective is to manage, operate, and maintain water resources in an effective manner.

Mehmet Akif Balta’s appointment is expected to contribute to the agency’s efforts to strengthen and expand their operations in the country. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field of hydraulic engineering will surely be an asset to DSI.

The new appointments are expected to bring positive changes and developments to the State Hydraulic Works, ensuring the implementation of effective policies for the benefit of the country’s water resources.


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