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Melania Trump Endorses Husband for 2024 Presidential Run

Melania Trump expresses support for husband’s re-election bid

Former first lady, Melania Trump has expressed her support for her husband’s re-election bid in an interview with Fox News. She revealed that she is looking forward to working with him in his second term at the White House.

Melania Trump believes that her husband had a tremendous success in the administration of the first term and has the potential to once again lead America to dignity and prosperity in the second term.

Furthermore, US President, Donald Trump, announced in November 2022 that he was running again from the Republican Party for the 2024 Presidential Elections. Despite losing the race to Democrat Joe Biden for the second term after serving as the US President in the 2016-2020 term, Trump still remains top of the list in popularity among Republican candidates, according to political observers and intra-party polls across the country.

As the former first lady quoted in her interview with Fox News, “We look forward to rekindling hope for the future and ruling America with love and strength.” Melania Trump’s support is vital to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, and the couple will undoubtedly work together to achieve their goal.


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