Melis Minkari lands career opportunity after My Brothers TV series

Melis Minkari, who plays the character of Aybike in the popular TV series “My Brothers,” has become one of the most admired young actors in Turkey. Thanks to her strong performance and the support of the show’s fans, Minkari has gained a significant social media following and has garnered attention from press outlets for the past two years.

Minkari’s character on “My Brothers,” alongside her co-star Berk, has become a favorite pairing among fans, leading to new project opportunities for the young actress. Recently, Minkari took on a role in the Broadway Musical, which allowed her to showcase her singing and dancing talents and gain experience in a completely new environment.

Despite her fears about taking on the project, Minkari decided to seize the opportunity after seeing the content of the musical. She emphasized the importance of hard work in the acting industry, stating that “This job is really 10 percent talent, 90 percent effort and work.” Minkari added that she gives her all to every project she takes on and is thrilled to have the chance to explore a new facet of acting through her participation in the musical.

With her charisma, hard work, and exceptional talent, it’s no surprise that Melis Minkari has become a household name in Turkey’s entertainment industry. Fans eagerly await her next project, eager to see what she’ll accomplish next.


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