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Mexico launches search for rare dolphins

Experts from the United States, Canada, and Mexico have joined forces to conduct a search for a small and elusive species of dolphins found only in the Gulf of California. According to a statement released by the Mexican Ministry of Environment, the search will be carried out from May 10-27 and will involve the use of binoculars, navigation devices, and acoustic monitors.

The team will consist of members from Sea Shepherd, an environmental non-governmental organization, and a Mexican boat, which will travel through the Gulf of California to locate the dolphins. Only 8 of these rare dolphins are believed to remain, making the search all the more crucial.

Sea Shepherd is also working to prevent illegal fishing in the area. The Gulf of California has a designated “zero tolerance” zone for fishing, but illegal fishing vessels are still common in the area. The organization is committed to protecting the delicate ecosystem of the Gulf of California and its unique wildlife.

The search for these rare dolphins is an important effort to protect a species that is at risk of extinction. Through collaboration and careful research, experts hope to locate the remaining dolphins and implement conservation measures to ensure their survival.


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