MİLGEM design selected for Malaysia’s LMS Batch 2 tender

The MİLGEM design has reportedly been chosen in the tender for Malaysia’s LMS Batch 2 program, which includes the construction of four frigates, according to sources. The tender was initiated to boost the coastal defense capabilities of the Malaysian Navy. It is expected that four pieces of the design to be selected in the production plan will be produced. The MİLGEM design, contracted from Turkey, and the Dearsan C92 corvette design, are among the ones being considered. The Netherlands’ SIGMA design is also being considered.

No official statement has yet been made on the subject. However, according to Malaysian Defense, it was claimed that the Malaysian Ministry of Defense chose the MİLGEM design. The result of the tender is expected to be announced on May 23 at the LİMA 2023 defense fair. In March, Malaysian Defense Minister Datuk Seri Utama Mohamad Hasan visited Turkey.

The first block of MİLGEM, four Ada class corvettes, were built for the Turkish Navy under the contract of STM. Later, the MİLGEM design was revised according to the demands of the Pakistani Navy, and two of them were started to be built at the Istanbul Shipyard Command and two in Karachi within the body of ASFAT. There are also revisions and changes in Ukraine MİLGEMs according to user requirements.

The flexibility of the MİLGEM design has been proven by changing some sensors and weapon systems upon user request. In the MİLGEM design ordered by Pakistan, there are 12 vertical launch systems for the Sea Ceptor air defense system, unlike the original version produced for the Turkish navy.

Ukraine is the second country to place an order for MILGEM. The propulsion system and 24 MICA VL launchers located at the rear of the ship are among the revisions and changes in Ukraine MİLGEMs according to user requirements.



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