“Milliy Tiklanish” Party Joins UzLiDeP in Supporting Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s Candidacy in Election

The “Milliy Tiklanish” democratic party, in conjunction with the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP), has decided to endorse the candidacy of the current President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the upcoming early presidential election. The decision was made during an extraordinary plenum of the Central Council of “Milliy Tiklanish” held on May 13, 2023. The party members praised Mirziyoyev’s loyalty to the nation and his contribution to national progress, leading to the nomination of his name for the presidential seat.

The political council of UzLiDeP had already announced its support for Mirziyoyev’s candidacy in a previous meeting. However, the Ecological Party and the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan have put forth their leaders Abdushukur Hamzaev and Ulugbek Inoyatov as presidential candidates. “Adolat” SDP approved Robakhon Mahmudova’s candidacy.

With the support of two major parties, Mirziyoyev is likely to have an upper hand in the election. The Uzbekistani citizens will cast their votes in the upcoming election to determine their next president. As per Uzbekistani law, the presidential election is held every five years, but the decision to call an early election was made by President Mirziyoyev himself.


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