Minister Bilgin Discusses Minimum Wage, Retirement and Salary Hikes on CNN TÜRK

Public sector workers in Turkey have reason to celebrate after the recent collective agreement announcement. According to Minister Bilgin, the contracts of those whose contracts in the public sector had ended on different dates were all renewed simultaneously. The agreement stipulates that some public workers will receive salaries at the minimum wage level and that 8,500 buyers will see their salaries increase from the minimum wage level to 15,000 TL gross, followed by a 45 percent increase.

Despite some misunderstandings in the media, the agreement is seen as a significant victory for workers. Minister Bilgin stressed the importance of the collective bargaining system in bolstering democracy. He emphasized the sacrifices made by workers in potentially hazardous jobs such as underground mining and high up on energy poles.

Furthermore, there is a legal obligation to address the inadequacy syndrome some unions are currently experiencing, where they compare net civil servant salaries to gross compensation figures. The issue may have been resolved sooner, but it was delayed by the earthquake that hit the region. Nonetheless, the government remains committed to fulfilling their legal obligation and bringing workers’ compensation up to par.

The government’s commitment to ensuring that public sector workers are compensated fairly and equitably underscores the country’s social responsibilities as a social state. President Erdoğan also announced an increase in salaries beyond expectations in a show of support for the country’s public workers.

This collective agreement is a clear demonstration of the Turkish government’s recognition of the vital role that public sector workers play in building and maintaining the country’s economy and society.


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