Minister Bilgin emphasizes Türkiye-centric struggle

Turkey’s Trade Minister, Mehmet Muş Bilgin, stressed the importance of the upcoming elections during a visit to the Ankara Chamber of Shopkeepers and the Private Chamber of Shopkeepers of Public Buses. In his speech, Bilgin stated that the May 14 elections are not like any other, but one of existence and non-existence. Turkey’s enemy is a group of violent terrorists armed in Syria and Iraq to split and divide the region, backed by the United States, he added.

Bilgin also assured the tradesmen that they will provide the most favorable conditions for them by securing property rights, insurance systems, credit systems and by eliminating any problems that could hinder their growth. He stated the importance of supporting the development of small businesses and the need to ensure their property rights. The government has also arranged for new vehicle purchases, including exemptions for bus operators, and solved issues related to insured workers.

In addition, the Ministry plans to make an arrangement for free transportation after the election, and spread applications over a week instead of a single day to ensure small businesses aren’t punished. The Trade Minister gave assurances that they would be taken care of and that the government is working to support their growth and development.


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