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Minister Bilgin Announces Increase in Wages for Public Workers

Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Bilgin, recently announced an important regulation for public workers in Turkey. As part of a collective agreement, all wages have been increased by 45 percent after being raised to 15,000 liras. Minister Bilgin emphasized that the figures are gross figures and that public workers in various fields will benefit from this contract.

The collective agreement, which had been delayed due to the earthquake, is not related to the upcoming elections but rather a legal obligation. The government is determined to make sure that civil servants and workers receive equal treatment. In July, the government will sit down with civil servant unions to give them the inflation differential, the welfare share, and determine the lowest civil servant salary at the level of the lowest public worker.

Minister Bilgin also highlighted the government’s commitment to industry, as Turkey continues to grow based on manufacturing. He mentioned the progress made in recent years, where factories now stand where fields once were, providing jobs to thousands of workers. The minimum wage and EYT (Early Retirement) benefits were also greeted with applause during his visits to various factories.

In terms of unionization, Minister Bilgin acknowledged that Turkey had a low unionization rate, but changes were made during the AK Party period. He intends to establish an academic committee on the subject before submitting changes to Parliament. Minister Bilgin also mentioned premium support and work that had been done to support unionization.

Overall, this announcement comes as a positive development for public workers, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges. The government’s efforts to raise wages and support workers are commendable and will hopefully lead to a more prosperous future for all.


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