“Minister Bilgin’s Latest Interview with NTV: Breaking News from Turkey”

Vedat Bilgin, Turkey’s Minister of Labor and Social Security, made several statements during a live broadcast on NTV. The Minister addressed some of the most relevant issues of the moment, including Muharrem İnce’s withdrawal, Kılıçdaroğlu’s claim on Russia, the upcoming election, and EYT applications.

On Muharrem İnce’s withdrawal from the candidacy, Bilgin stated that a “dirty operation” was unacceptable. According to him, the address of this operation appears to be Pennsylvania. Regarding Kılıçdaroğlu’s claim, the Minister said that if there is any information about the Russians, he should reveal it.

When asked about the possibility of the election going to the second round, Bilgin confidently stated that President Erdogan will win the election in the first round. He also pointed out that surveys with different results are artificial surveys and that they are made like a “tape operation,” revealing the presence of FETO members among them.

Regarding EYT applications, the Minister mentioned that the total number of applications exceeded 1.7 million, with 1 million EYT members already paid. Bilgin assured all EYT members that their accumulated salaries and holiday bonuses would be deposited into their accounts by the end of this month.

In further announcements, the Minister declared that the minimum officer’s salary would be 22 thousand TL. He also stated that over 7,500 pensions would increase, and they would apply an increase rate that is proportionate to the salary amount.

Bilgin’s statements covered a wide range of critical issues in Turkey, and they have resonated widely. As development unfolds, more detailed information can be found on ntv.com.tr.


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