Minister Dönmez announces successful first attempt at finding new oil field.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, has announced the discovery of a new oil field in Turkey’s southeast region. The field named Aybüke Yalçın is located in Cudi, Gabar, and has a gross reserve of approximately 250 million barrels. The oil found in this field is of a higher quality than Brent, with a PI value of 41, which is almost close to diesel. The ministry can produce up to 1500 barrels daily from the first well drilled and plans to drill 80-100 wells in the field over the next 2-3 years.

The ministry had previously announced a discovery last year in Esma Çevik wells in Şırnak, Cudi, Gabar regions, which has a gross reserve of 180 million barrels. The ministry had started drilling the first wells there again in 2021 and discovered the oil reserve in 2022. Following this study, the ministry focused on another region in Cudi, Gabar, which is very close to the Esma agile wells. The ministry was able to drill in this region in March after making the necessary roads during winter conditions at an altitude of 2000-2500.

The ministry is currently working on a field in Diyarbakır and had to change the drilling location due to difficult geography and landslides. Further details regarding the amount of oil in this field are yet to be determined.

Overall, the oil discoveries in Turkey’s southeast region are significant, with the potential to provide the energy needed for growing industries. The ministry’s continued efforts to discover new oil reserves and improve existing ones will ensure that Turkey’s energy demands are met sustainably.


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