Minister Dönmez Predicts Increase in Local Energy Production

Fatih Dönmez Discusses Plans for Eskişehir’s Strategic Areas

Fatih Dönmez, Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, recently made important statements on CNN TÜRK regarding strategic investments in Eskişehir. Minister Dönmez stated that the government has made significant investments in the city over the last 20 years, totaling $36 billion. Odunpazarı, the specific area where Minister Dönmez was speaking, has also seen a lot of tourism.

Following these investments, the government identified 5 strategic areas for further investment, including technology, industry, infrastructure, people, culture, and tourism. Eskişehir is already home to many of Turkey’s leading brands, as well as three state universities. The city is also an agricultural hub, with good yields and the ability to irrigate more than half of its lands.

To support young people in the region who are interested in career and employment opportunities, the government has established an organization to bridge connections between industries and job seekers. According to Minister Dönmez, every project that will increase the value of Eskişehir is welcome.

During the interview, Minister Dönmez also discussed the Black Sea Gas project, which has an economic equivalent of $500 billion, with 710 billion cubic meters of reserves. The production of oil will increase the rate of domesticity in Turkey and have a positive impact on pump prices.

Gabar, Eskişehir’s oil production site, has a calculated 1 billion barrels, with 60% of this producible from the data from the first well. The government hopes to increase the number of wells to 100 barrels per day to increase domestic production. Esma Çevik field is also nearby, with 9-10 wells producing 60% of its calculated producible value – a great value for Türkiye.

With these strategic investments, Minister Dönmez hopes to support the continued development of Eskişehir’s economy and contribute to the growth of the Turkish oil and gas industry.


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