Minister of Agriculture Oğuz meets with animal breeders

The Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dursun Oğuz, recently met with the Head of Animal Breeders and Union, Mustafa Naimoğlu, and his delegation to discuss the issues facing the animal husbandry sector. During the meeting, Naimoğulları expressed concern over increasing input costs and problems experienced in animal husbandry, and called on the ministry to carry out a study to address these issues as soon as possible.

Minister Oğuz acknowledged the challenges facing the industry and assured the delegation that the ministry is committed to working towards solutions. He pledged to take steps towards addressing the problems in a timely manner and agreed to meet with the union again in the near future.

Animal husbandry is a vital sector for Turkey’s agriculture industry, and ensuring its success is crucial for the country’s economic growth. The government’s attention to the issues faced by the sector, and its willingness to work with industry stakeholders, is a positive sign for the future of animal husbandry in Turkey.


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