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Minister Özer predicts Turkey to emerge stronger from 14 May challenge

Minister of National Education and AK Party Army deputy candidate, Mahmut Özer, spoke at a rally in Aybastı as part of election activities. During his speech, Özer addressed the issue of brain drain, stating that the government is being unfairly criticized for the emigration of young and talented individuals from Turkey. He highlighted the fact that when women were forced to leave Turkey due to headscarf bans, it did not receive the same level of attention.

Özer also criticized the coefficient application, which he claims has darkened the lives of students who attend imam hatip high schools and vocational high schools. He accused those who implemented the policy of wanting to prevent these students from pursuing careers as businesspeople or teachers, instead aiming to ensure they become governors who understand their religion, values, and culture. However, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan removed the app, and today, Turkey has an imam hatip high school graduate as president.

Furthermore, Özer pledged to stand by President Erdoğan, stating that they will not leave him alone. He expressed hope that a new “Century of Turkey” would begin after May 14, and that they would work together with the people to improve their lives.

In addition to the rally, Özer also announced that the Ordu Free Zone decision had been published in the Official Gazette. Overall, his speech focused on the government’s commitment to improving the lives of Turkish citizens and working towards a better future for the country.



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