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Minister Varank clarifies: Gemlik is in Turkey, not Italy

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited İnegöl to meet with locals and showcase the national car project, TOGG. Varank was received with enthusiasm by the citizens who displayed a banner saying “We did not do what the Italians say. The Turks did it.” The minister drew attention to the fact that the opposition was acting jointly with terrorist organizations. He also highlighted the achievements of the government in bringing city hospitals, highways, and factories to İnegöl. Varank also announced plans to start initiatives to give İnegöl a new stadium and provide social housing.

During his speech, Varank’s microphone malfunctioned, and he jokingly said, “The Minister of Industry and Technology had a technological accident. The microphone is broken.” The minister also drew attention to the upcoming elections and urged people to make the right choice. He warned against the opposition’s willingness to negotiate with terrorist organizations and exchange their release for political gains, emphasizing how this could lead to a resurgence of dangerous groups.

Varank’s visit to İnegöl was part of a series of visits he has made to promote the national car project and meet with the public. This initiative, called the Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group (TOGG), aims to create a 100% electric car entirely produced and designed in Turkey. The project has gained great support from the government and the public and is viewed as an essential step in Turkey’s ambition to become a global automotive hub.


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