Ministry of Agriculture Clears Imported Frozen Meat for Public Consumption

The Ministry of Agriculture in Turkey has shared the analysis results of frozen meat imported from the Netherlands, reassuring the public that there is no risk to public health in consuming the frozen meat in question.

According to the statement released by the Ministry, frozen lamb meat with bones, imported from the Netherlands by the Soil Products Institution, underwent physical import inspection by an Official Veterinarian affiliated with the Veterinary Department Directorate. The product was found suitable for entry into the country and was not placed on the market until the results of verification analyzes conducted by the Public Health Unit of the Veterinary Department Directorate were obtained.

The analysis results, which included microbiological, chemical, and species determination analyses conducted by the VDM National Food Reference Laboratory, indicated that there is no risk to public health in consuming the frozen meat. The reports from the analyses are available in the appendix of the statement.

This announcement serves to assure consumers that the frozen meat imported from the Netherlands is safe for consumption. The Ministry of Agriculture continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of the public in all matters related to food and agriculture.


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