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Missing Young Man’s Body Recovered from Munzur Stream

Search Efforts for Missing Person in Munzur Stream End in Tragedy

The search efforts for 21-year-old Azad Demiral, who disappeared in the Munzur Stream in Tunceli, have ended in tragedy. Azad Demiral had gone to Tunceli from Diyarbakır and was with Mehmet Can Demiral and Baran Aslantaş in a vehicle that plunged into the Munzur Stream on the Tunceli-Ovacık highway, Yoncalı village location. During the incident, all three people were swept away by the water. Local authorities immediately started a search operation with health, gendarmerie, and AFAD teams.

Yesterday, within the scope of the search operation carried out by the Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency (AFAD), a lifeless body was found in the Maviköprü locality, and it was later determined that it belonged to Azad Demiral. The team also recovered the bodies of Baran Aslantaş on May 6th and Mehmet Can Demiral on May 9th. All three people had died as a result of the car accident.

After the body of Azad Demiral was found, the search efforts were officially called off. The autopsy confirmed that Azad Demiral had passed away. His body was taken to the morgue of Tunceli State Hospital by ambulance.

The tragic incident has led to an outpouring of grief and sorrow in the local community. The authorities have extended their condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased. Meanwhile, authorities continue to remind the public about the importance of taking necessary safety precautions and following traffic rules to avoid such tragic incidents.



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