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“MIT Conducts Point Operation; Haydar Demirel Neutralized”

MIT Neutralizes PKK/YPG General Responsible for Hol Province

The MIT has neutralized Haydar Demirel, the General Responsible for the Hol Province for the PKK/YPG. After carrying out activities in various regions in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, the Brüsk/Bager Türk/Bager Kemal code received his comeuppance during an operation carried out by the MIT in Syria/Tel Hamis.

Haydar Demirel had been under scrutiny by the MIT for a long time due to the actions he committed. During his time operating in the Hatay/Amanoslar region from 1997 to 2000, he carried out actions against the Hassa District Gendarme Command and Dörtyol District Gendarmerie Command. He also took part in two separate actions in Hakkari/Şemdinli in 2010.

Haydar Demirel was responsible for the mine action that resulted in the martyrdom of two soldiers and the injury of three soldiers around Şemdinli/Derecik/Olcaytepe base area. He was also responsible for the members of the organization who participated in the action on the base area of ​​Hakkari/Şemdinli/Beyyurdu Gendarmerie Station Command.

The MIT has been following Haydar Demirel since 2020 when he was the General Manager of the Haseke State. Finally, MIT field agents determined that he was in Tel Hamis, Syria, as the General Responsible for the Hol Province. Together with the PKK/YPG regimental officer and battalion officer, he was neutralized while giving military training to members of the organization.

After joining the organization in 1993, Haydar Demirel received training from PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan in Syria between 1993-1994. He continued his terrorist activities in the Hatay countryside of the PKK Amanos Province between 1997-2000. From 2003-2005, he operated in the Zagros and Kelareş areas and later in Hakkari/Şemdinli-Iraq/Basyan regions between 2007-2011.

In 2014, the organization made him go to Syria. Haydar Demirel participated in the Peace Spring Operation in Syria while in the ranks of the organization and operated as the General Manager of the Haseke Province in 2016-2020. He was then appointed as the responsible for the Ş.Karker Brigade, but after a short time, he was sent to ideological training to take on more important roles in the organization.

Finally, Haydar Demirel was neutralized by the MIT while he was in charge of Hol State General Responsibility.


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