MIT’s Last Minute Point Operation Renders Ineffective Terrorist Attack

Turkish intelligence agency, MIT, has carried out an operation in northern Syria that led to the neutralization of Haydar Demirel, the so-called general manager of Hol province for the PKK/YPG. This news was reported in a recent update from Turkish news source, CNN Turk. The operation was designed to rid the province of its terrorist leader and to end the violence and instability caused by their reign of terror.

The PKK/YPG is notorious for its terrorist activities that extend beyond Turkey’s borders. Their militants have committed countless crimes against humanity, including murder and sabotage, as they seek to create an independent Kurdish state within Turkey. They are considered a threat to national security and are therefore on Turkey’s terrorist watchlist.

The operation carried out by the MIT is part of Turkey’s ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorism within its borders and beyond. The Turkish government remains committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its citizens by taking proactive measures to combat terrorism. The successful outcome of the recent operation is proof of their unwavering dedication to this cause.

Although the PKK/YPG is a formidable opponent, the Turkish government believes that through intelligence gathering and effective operations, terrorism can be stopped in its tracks. The recent success is just one of many to come as Turkish authorities are unrelenting in their pursuit to end terrorism and maintain peace and stability within Turkey and the wider region.


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