Mongolia’s Prime Minister Extends Hand of Cooperation to Opposition After Election Victory

Mongolia Re-Appoints Prime Minister in a Joint Government

On July 5, 2024, the parliament of Mongolia re-appointed Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene as Prime Minister, with 103 out of 104 members supporting his reappointment. This decision comes after the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) won a third-term majority on June 28.

Despite this victory, Oyun-Erdene extended an invitation to the opposition Democratic Party (DP) and HUN to join his cabinet, referring to it as a “cabinet of cooperation” or “joint government” in challenging times. This move signals a shift towards a more flexible and informal power-sharing arrangement, as opposed to forming a formal coalition.

While some people believe that the MPP should govern alone, DP and HUN party leaders are inclined to cooperate. However, hesitancy remains, partly due to past memories of coalition governments in the 2010s.

In his confirmation speech, Oyun-Erdene emphasized the importance of the joint government for enacting bold reforms and achieving progress for Mongolia. He outlined an ambitious agenda that includes energy liberalization, regional development, and addressing income inequality through the National Wealth Fund.

Despite the potential benefits of a joint government, there are risks involved. The opposition parties have yet to align on their response to the Prime Minister’s offer, and any disagreement could lead to instability in governance. Oyun-Erdene also faces the challenge of forming his government before the Naadam holidays, balancing competing interests, and navigating the complexities of cabinet appointments amidst mounting pressure for decisive action.

The future of Mongolia’s government remains uncertain as Oyun-Erdene navigates the complexities of a joint government in the face of various challenges and uncertainties.



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