Mormenekşe Women’s Association Welcomes Students to Contemporary Center

Mormenekşe Contemporary Women’s Association Introduces Turkish Cypriot Culture to Primary School Students

The Mormenekşe Contemporary Women’s Association in Cyprus has recently opened its doors to primary school students in order to introduce them to traditional Turkish Cypriot culture. During the visit, the children had the opportunity to learn about traditional almond paste making, silk cocoon yarn production, and many other elements of Turkish Cypriot culture.

Hayriye Tokyay, President of the Mormenekşe Contemporary Women’s Association, expressed her satisfaction with the cultural visit and emphasized the importance of keeping the culture alive and transferring it to younger generations. She believes that it is vital to preserve the traditions and customs of Turkish Cypriot culture in order to maintain the country’s unique identity and heritage.

The visit to the association provided an interactive and hands-on experience for the students, giving them the chance to engage with their heritage and learn about the different aspects of Turkish Cypriot culture. The children were excited to be a part of the experience and shared their feelings with BRT.

This initiative by the Mormenekşe Contemporary Women’s Association is an important step towards preserving Turkish Cypriot culture and identity. By educating younger generations about the traditions and customs of the region, the association is contributing to the preservation and development of the culture for years to come.


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