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Grain Corridor in Black Sea Becomes Operational Again

According to sources from MSB, the grain corridor in the Black Sea has resumed operations after a brief closure. The Ukrainian Ministry in charge of restructuring had earlier announced that Russia refused to register incoming ships, leading to a halt in the agreement for the grain corridor. In response, Turkey took initiatives that led to the resumption of inspections and the reactivation of the grain corridor.

In another development, Turkey’s MSB has announced that bilateral and multilateral talks will take place between Russia, Ukraine, and the United Nations (UN) on May 10-11 in Istanbul. The talks are aimed at extending the Grain Agreement to ensure the safe and effective operation of the grain corridor. The grain corridor is a crucial aspect of the world food supply chain, and the aim is also to prevent damage to countries in need by ensuring stability in food prices. The talks will also focus on establishing a detailed and safe evacuation plan for returning merchant ships and their crews to their respective countries.

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