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Murderer Caught Changing Bloody Vehicle Covers After Killing Zeynep and Leaving the Body on the Road

A Waitress Murdered and Found at the Entrance of Old Hospital in Milas

The discovery of an inactive woman at the entrance of the old hospital in Milas led to the investigations of health and police teams. The woman was found to have died from a rifle shot to the chest. Identified as Zeynep Başaran, a waitress in an entertainment center, authorities have started searching for suspects.

Muğla Provincial Police Department, Public Security Branch Murder Bureau units, under the Milas Chief Public Prosecutor’s coordination, reviewed security camera footage and observed the suspect, ED, disposing of the body. After throwing the body on the side of the road, ED fled to İzmir in his truck, which was later found to have blood-stained seat covers.

The authorities caught the suspect while he was changing the seat covers at an upholstery shop in İzmir. The suspect has been taken to Muğla, and legal proceedings are ongoing.

The incident shocked the town of Milas, and locals are calling for justice. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding Başaran’s murder continues.


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