Nabati Discusses Treasury and Finance on CNN TÜRK

Minister of Treasury and Finance and AK Party Mersin deputy candidate, Nureddin Nebati, appeared on CNN Türk to discuss various issues on the agenda. During the interview, the Minister spoke about the government’s commitment to low-income and fixed-income people and measures taken to protect them from inflation.

Minister Nebati highlighted that in times of high inflation, the minimum wage and civil servant salaries are adjusted every six months to reflect inflation rates. Last year, the minimum wage was increased in the middle of the semester to help low-income groups cope with inflation. Public employees were given a 45 percent raise, and preparations were made to ensure that there would be no resource issue for it.

The Minister also stated that the government had a strong cash balance as of January 1st, 2023, and that there was no shortage of resources. He emphasized that there were no budget constraints and that the government had provided funds to the ministries of transportation and agriculture.

Additionally, the Minister mentioned a 6-point welfare payout and that the government pays the inflation difference due to collective agreements.

The Minister’s message reiterated the government’s commitment to protecting low-income and fixed-income people from inflation’s devastating effects. It remains to be seen whether similar measures will be implemented in the near future.



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