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National athletes achieve great success at Muaythai World Championship with 13 medals won

Turkey Comes First in Muaythai World Championship with 13 Medals

Over 1000 athletes from 102 countries competed in the Muaythai World Championship held between May 3 and May 9 this year. According to the Turkish Muaythai Federation, the national athletes who clinched 2 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals during the competition became the first country in the rankings with the points they collected. Moreover, Turkey ranked third in the world in individual medals.

The athletes who made Turkey proud by ranking in the Muaythai World Championship are Gulistan Turan at 51 kg (gold), Sercan Koç at 63.5 kg (gold), Umut Eryılmaz at +91 kg (silver), Mensure Karadayı at 75 kg (silver), Nefise Atalay at 57 kg (silver), Halime Eke at 67 kg (silver), Bediha Taçyıldız at 63.5 kg (silver), Salih Samet Oruç at 48 kg (bronze), Ayten Özdemir at 45 kg (bronze), Ezgi Yılmaz at 48 kg (bronze), Cihan Doğu at 51 kg (bronze), Ekrem Yardimci at 67 kg (bronze), and Muammer Can Şahin at 91 kg (bronze).

Turkey’s success in the Muaythai World Championship proves the country’s determination and hard work in the sport of Muaythai. Congratulations to all the athletes who achieved great success and made Turkey proud in the world championship.


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