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National Athletes Advance to Finals in World Senior Muaythai Championship

Turkish Muaythai National Team Reaches Finals in World Championship in Bangkok

The 30th World Muaythai Championship, organized by the World Muaythai Federation (IMFA), is being held in Bangkok, Thailand, and on its 6th day, the Turkish Muaythai National Team reached the finals in seven different weight categories.

Six athletes who lost to their opponents in the semi-finals won bronze medals. Meanwhile, Sercan Koç, Mensura Karadayı, Gülistan Turan, Bediha Taçyıldız, Halime Eke, and Nefise Atalay, who won their matches after the semi-finals, will compete for the gold medal in the final matches. The finals are scheduled to be held on Friday and Saturday.

One of the most remarkable performances of the day came from Nefise Atalay, who dominated her Saudi Arabian opponent in the 57 kg category, knocking her out in just 30 seconds.

The Turkish Ambassador in Bangkok, Serap Ersoy, attended the semi-finals to support the national team. After the matches, she met the athletes and expressed her pride in having seven athletes in the finals of such an elite competition held in Muaythai’s homeland, Thailand.

Göksel Cingöz, the Athletic Director of the Muaythai National Teams, expressed his satisfaction with the national team’s success in the tournament, pointing out that many countries failed to win medals.

“The valiant children of Anatolia continue to teach Muaythai lessons to the world,” he said.

The competition will continue with the finals, and Turkish fans are hoping for a successful finish for their country’s athletes.


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