“NATO Shows Interest in Strategic Thinking of HvBS Air Force”

NATO is closely monitoring the Air Force Information System (HvBS), which was developed by HAVELSAN and provides critical benefits to its users. The HvBS system enables the Turkish Air Force to determine the number of ammunition required for a mission, from operational planning to combat readiness. A team from NATO will be visiting Turkey to meet with HAVELSAN and the Turkish Air Force teams to closely examine the HvBS in the coming days.

Air C4I Program Manager Ayhan Güney explained that HvBS reduces a tedious 4-5 hour manual planning process to just a few minutes. Pakistan Air Force was the second user of the system after the Turkish Air Force, and the system has been sold to Azerbaijan.  

Currently, NATO is considering HvBS for use as a common system, having rated the software highly in the first four stages of the electoral program. NATO teams will assess the system in more depth during their upcoming visit to Turkey.

Güney also explained that HvBS was recommended for the F-35 Program back in 2005. HvBS is an alternative to the primary software of the F-35 Program, which is the Autonomous Logistics Information System (ALIS), a controversial program that tracks all F-35 aircraft. Although HvBS was recommended as a better option for F-35, the then-CEO insisted that the software used on the aircraft must be American-made as per the decision of the US Senate.

HAVELSAN, a leading software house in the defense industry, is ready to work with NATO and member countries to provide the necessary infrastructure for their software requirements. As the second-largest army in NATO, Turkey’s defense industry is able to provide innovative software solutions like HvBS.


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