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Neighbors use a deception to steal gold by promising to read at his house.

A group of thieves in Istanbul, Turkey, have been targeting and deceiving elderly women in their homes. The most recent incident occurred in Arnavutköy Anadolu Mahallesi, where 63-year-old Ayşe Tanışman was approached by two women claiming to be her former neighbours. Tanışman was impressed by their speech and allowed them into her house. The women then recited various prayers and blessed her jewellery, which they asked her to put in a wallet under her pillow for an hour. While one of the suspects asked for water in the kitchen, the duo stole the gold from Tanışman’s bedroom and fled the scene. Tanışman was shocked when she realised that she had been defrauded upon returning home, and reported the incident to the police.

Four days later, while Tanışman was walking with her daughter, she saw the same women attempting to deceive an old woman. The suspects fled upon recognition. Tanışman’s daughter, Şerife Tanışman, is calling for the thieves to be caught, as they always appear to be targeting vulnerable, elderly women. She revealed that around 50,000 TL worth of jewellery was lost in the incident. The police are currently searching for the suspects, who were recorded by security cameras.

This is not the first case of theft and deception of senior citizens in Istanbul. The public is being urged to remain vigilant and not to allow strangers into their homes.



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