“Netanyahu Exploits Double Standards to Conceal Crimes in Palestine”

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement condemning Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and accusing them of committing crimes against the Palestinian people. The statement also criticized countries who give Israel the right to carry out attacks on Gaza. The ministry accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of using international double standards to cover up their actions.

The statement highlighted the rise in voices taking the side of Israel, claiming that no one has the right to support them. The statement also noted that Israel claims to use its right to self-defense despite being an occupying state, which they argued makes their actions illegitimate.

The attack on Gaza by the Israeli army occurred earlier this month, and it was claimed that they had targeted the leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement. Palestinian groups responded by firing rockets into Israel. The attacks led to over 25 Palestinians losing their lives, and 76 were injured.

Despite negotiations for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian groups held through international parties, no resolution has been reached. The situation in the region remains tense, with both sides unwilling to back down.


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