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New Details Emerge in İzmir Armed Fight That Took 5 Lives and Injured 2

New details have come to light regarding the armed fight that occurred in the Menderes district of İzmir, resulting in five deaths and two serious injuries. The fight was reportedly due to hostility between two groups over a municipal tender that had been made previously. There was also a debt issue between the groups, which ultimately led to the violence when an agreement couldn’t be reached.

This is not the first time the two groups have had a violent dispute. A fight occurred between the same groups in front of a real estate agent last year.

The incident took place in a coffee shop where the two groups had met to discuss their differences. However, an argument ensued, and the discussion turned violent. In the resulting armed fight, five people lost their lives, with two of them dying at the scene. MY and AK were also seriously injured and are currently receiving treatment at a hospital. The identities of the deceased have been revealed as Timuçin Altınel, Süreyya Bayrak, Barış Coşgun, Rıdvan Bağcalı, and Ozancan Doğan.

The police are conducting an investigation into the incident. It is still unclear what exactly happened, but the investigation will shed more light on the situation. Violence should never be the answer to resolving disputes and differences. It’s a tragic event, and everyone involved is in our thoughts and prayers.



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