New drugs arrive in the country, says Health Ministry

Turkey Continues to Receive Essential Medicines

The Ministry of Health in Turkey has recently announced that various types of essential medicines are continuing to arrive at the Medicines and Pharmacy Department. These include anticoagulant drugs, blood pressure drugs, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, diabetes drugs, cancer drugs, drugs used in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, electrolyte solutions, and immunosuppressive drugs.

A list of drugs that arrived in the country yesterday has also been published by the Ministry of Health. These medicines are vital for the well-being and health of Turkey’s citizens and are essential for treating a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

The Ministry’s announcement is welcome news for those who rely on these medicines to manage their health conditions. Turkey has been working hard to ensure that these essential medicines continue to arrive in the country, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Health has also advised citizens to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, including maintaining social distancing and wearing masks, to protect themselves and others from infection. As Turkey continues to navigate the pandemic, the provision of essential medicines remains a crucial priority to ensure the well-being of all citizens.


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