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New Election Day Bans Imposed

Turkey Prepares for Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

On Sunday, June 24th, Turkey will hold presidential and parliamentary elections for the 28th term. Polling stations across the country will open at 08:00 and will close at 17:00. On election day, certain bans will be enforced, including a temporary ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages from 06.00 to midnight. Public entertainment venues, such as coffee shops and internet cafes, will remain closed. Only meals will be served in restaurants that serve as entertainment venues. Weddings can take place after 18:00.

In settlements, only those who are responsible for maintaining security and order will be allowed to carry weapons. Furthermore, propaganda for any political party will be prohibited from 18:00 the previous day until the polling stations close. During this time, no news or broadcasts containing propaganda will be allowed.

The Supreme Board of Elections will publish news and communiqués between 18.00 and 21.00. After 21:00, all broadcasts will be free. The YSK reserves the right to set this time earlier if necessary.

It is important to note that Turkey’s election is happening under a new political system, which was approved by a referendum in 2017. This system eliminates the prime minister position and grants the president more executive powers.

As Turkey prepares for its historic elections, the government has taken all necessary precautions to ensure that the election is conducted in a fair and peaceful manner.


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