“New Proposal by Şenol Güneş for Foreign Rule in Sports”

Besiktas Technical Director Senol Gunes has made a bold suggestion ahead of the foreign player quota decision to be taken by the Turkish Football Federation. Speaking to Azerbaijani sports media prior to a friendly match against Sabah FK, Gunes suggested that restructuring should be done before determining the number of foreign players.

Gunes proposed an 11-player system to be implemented for five years, after which foreign players could be gradually introduced to the field. He also suggested limiting the number of squads in the first five years and sending the remaining players to the U-19 team. Foreign players could then be brought in if their age is deemed appropriate, thus creating a pool every five years.

Gunes emphasized the importance of stability in the system before allowing more foreign players to play in the league. “When the system is settled, you can release the number of foreigners,” he said.

In addition, Gunes spoke about Besiktas’ current situation in the league and their goal to take part in Europe next season. “Our race continues in the league. We are behind. We will play our matches without looking at our opponents. We could not be in Europe last year, we want to take part in Europe next season,” he said.

It is clear that Gunes is passionate about his role as the Technical Director at Besiktas and is dedicated to helping the team succeed. His suggestions for restructuring the system could potentially have a positive impact on the league and create a more stable environment for foreign players.


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