New York Consulate Sends Ballots to Turkey

Ballots from Turkish citizens living in the United States and Canada are currently on their way to Turkey for the upcoming Presidential Elections. The ballot bags were sealed at the Turkish Consulate General in New York under the supervision of party representatives, and were then taken from Turkevi to the airport to be sent to Turkey by diplomatic couriers. The ballots will be delivered to the Supreme Election Board (YSK) by a Turkish Airlines plane departing from New York JFK International Airport.

This year, voting was made more accessible for citizens residing in remote areas within the Consulate General’s jurisdiction, with additional polling stations opened on April 29 and May 1 in New Jersey and Long Island – areas with high Turkish populations.

Voting in North America ended on May 7 at 9 PM local time, with the final polls closing in Los Angeles and Vancouver. According to the YSK, if the Presidential Elections go to the second round, ballot boxes will be re-established on May 20-24 at specified representative offices for the 134,246 registered voters in the USA.

The transportation of the ballots from the Turkish Consulate General in New York to Turkey marks another important step in the election process, as Turkish citizens residing abroad exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard.


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