Niğde Parliamentary Candidates for 2023 Elections: AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and Green Left Party in the Running for the 28th Term.

As the 2023 parliamentary elections approach, Niğde voters are searching for information on the candidates running for office on behalf of the political parties. Niğde, with a population of over 360,000, will have three deputies representing the province in the upcoming election.

The districts that could potentially affect the election results in Niğde are Merkez, Altunhisar, Bor, Çamardı, Çiftlik, and Ulukışla. Several political parties have already announced their candidates for the upcoming election.

The National Party will be represented by Murat Demirer, Sevim Lion, and Aynur Doğan, while the Party of Rights and Freedoms will be represented by Hasan Seşeoğulları, Remziye Öztekın Bayram, and Ramazan Alphan.

The Communist Party of Türkiye and Communist Movement in Türkiye will field Tugce Sezen Gedik, Berk Başar, and Cem Buksur, and Şerife Can, Ece Okur, and Honor Yavuz respectively. Meanwhile, the Left Party has put forward Ayşegül Uçar, Asim Ari, and Hüseyin Çankaya as their candidates.

The Youth Party, the Great Unity Party, the Justice and Development Party, the Party for Rewell, the Nationalist Movement Party, and the Greens and the Left Future Party will also have their candidates, along with the Workers’ Party of Türkiye, the Homeland Party, the Innovation Party, and the People’s Liberation Party.

Cemal Demircioğlu, Bilge Sezgin Örnek, and Ömer Arslanhan are the National Road Party’s candidates, while Şemail Kahraman, Süleyman Yürük, and Hasan Akşen are running on behalf of the Vatan Party. The Power Union Party will be represented by Merve Kılınç, Yakup Demirkol, and Diş Altıkardesler.

The Republic People’s Party will field Ömer Fethi Güner, Sevgi Özbek, and Ozan Sakarya, while the Good Party will have İnan Demirtaş, Yaşar Etemiş, and Fetdah Gültekin as candidates. Lastly, the Justice Party will be represented by Mustafa Yigit, Orhan Cilgin, and Mary Daily, with Mustafa Ceylan, Aziz Doğan, and Kürşat Akkaya running on behalf of the Victory Party.

With a long list of candidates vying for deputies’ seats in Niğde, voters are encouraged to research and gain information on the candidates to make informed decisions at the ballot box.


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