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“Nine additional suspects detained for Erzurum incident”

Erzurum Police Department Identifies 9 More Suspects Involved in May 7 Incident

The police department in the city of Erzurum is continuing its investigation into the May 7 incident and has identified 9 more suspects through camera recordings. The incident, whose details have not been disclosed, has led to the detainment of 14 people.

The identified suspects are currently in custody, and their proceedings are ongoing. The police department is carrying out extensive research and analyses to identify anyone else involved in the incident.

Yesterday, 15 suspects were transferred to the courthouse, where one was released after questioning by the prosecutor’s office. The remaining 14 were released under the condition of judicial control by the judge.

The investigation is expected to continue until all involved parties have been brought to justice. More details about the incident will likely be released as the investigation progresses.


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