No Increase in Uzbekistan’s Electricity Consumption Limit Amidst Complaints

Energy system organizations issue statement on 200 kWh monthly electricity consumption norm

Energy system organizations have come together to address the ongoing discussions surrounding the 200 kWh monthly social norm for electricity consumption among the population. This basic norm, which has sparked controversy on social media platforms, has been deemed by responsible authorities as having no justification for an increase.

In a joint statement released by these organizations, it was highlighted that in June, 71% of the population adhered to the electricity consumption norm set at 200 kWh per month. Despite recent online campaigns calling for the abolition of this norm, the organizations maintain that there is no immediate need for any adjustments.

The introduction of the 200 kWh monthly basic norm came into effect on May 1, 2024, following the approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. The primary objective of this measure is to promote efficient electricity consumption practices among consumers, ensure the proper allocation of state funds for covering expenses, and guarantee a reliable supply of fuel and energy resources.

Analysis suggests that the republic’s population is projected to consume a total of 21.2 billion kWh of electricity in 2024, with consumers falling within the 200 kWh monthly range accounting for 60% of all subscribers throughout the year. As such, a uniform basic norm has been implemented for the entire year to maintain consistency.

For households consuming up to 200 kWh per month, a preferential rate of 450 UZS per kWh is applied. Subsidies are provided by the state for each kWh consumed within this range, with additional support for consumption between 201 and 1,000 kWh.

Authorities emphasize the significance of maintaining the 200 kWh monthly basic norm, citing the positive impacts on electricity consumption efficiency and overall system reliability. The statement also addresses the consumption patterns of different consumer groups, highlighting the need for continued support for those falling within the basic norm range.

Efforts to promote awareness around electricity consumption efficiency have resulted in a notable reduction in system loads, as well as a decrease in power outages and incidents affecting the population. The organizations stress the importance of upholding the established norms to sustain these positive outcomes.

While calls for the abolition of the basic norm have gained traction on social media, the energy system organizations maintain their stance on the necessity and benefits of the 200 kWh monthly consumption limit. Through continued collaboration and public engagement, they aim to address any concerns and ensure the sustainable management of electricity resources for the population.



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