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No Official Agreement Made with Panathinaikos: Statement

Ergin Ataman, the Head Coach of Anadolu Efes, recently made comments about his meetings with Panathinaikos, Anadolu Efes, and the National Team. Ataman clarified that they have not officially signed an agreement with Panathinaikos yet, but they are in talks to explore possible union options at the end of the season.

Ataman acknowledged that EuroLeague is a challenging league and becoming the champion takes a lot of effort. He expressed pride in achieving this feat with Anadolu Efes in 2021 and 2022. Currently, only four teams in Europe are fighting for the championship title this season, and Anadolu Efes is among them. Ataman mentioned that a tough play-off series will be played in Turkey, but he is confident that they will become champions again.

The Head Coach also stressed the strong bond he has with Anadolu Efes, both professionally and personally. He emphasized that this connection will remain strong, regardless of their common decision at the end of the season.

Ataman also mentioned the National Team, stating that they will start their preparations in the middle of July in Istanbul, and their only goal is to beat tough teams like Croatia, Ukraine, and Belgium and become the first in the tournament. He hopes to bring Turkish basketball to the Olympics as a full squad.

In conclusion, Ataman’s comments showed his commitment to both Anadolu Efes and the National Team. He is determined to lead Anadolu Efes to another championship title and hopes to bring success to the National Team.


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