“NTV Special: Understanding democratic outcomes in Turkey’s election results”

AK Party Deputy Chairman Urges Trust in Election Security

In a recent interview with Deniz Kilislioğlu on NTV, AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş addressed concerns about election security ahead of Turkey’s upcoming election. Kurtulmuş stressed the importance of politicians acting responsibly and urged the public to trust that security forces will take measures to ensure a secure election. He also emphasized the need for voters to approach the polls with “democratic maturity.”

Kurtulmuş assured the public that whatever the outcome of the election, it would be a democratic one. He said, “Türkiye is a state of law,” and that even if the balance of power changes, the rules for how the system will work are clear. He added that the AK Party’s overall aim was to win on both sides, and having a strong majority in the Assembly would strengthen the hand of the elected President.

Regarding undecided voters, Kurtulmuş said that while there had been some narrowing of the gap, the AK Party remained the clear favorite. He noted that, in general, many undecided voters were now leaning towards President Erdoğan and the AK Party.

In response to a recent stone attack on an İmamoğlu Meeting in Erzurum, Kurtulmuş condemned the incident, saying that politics needed to “make the will come out very clearly” while also following the rules. While he said the situation in Erzurum was concerning, he expressed his belief that the election would ultimately proceed smoothly and fairly.

Overall, Kurtulmuş’s statements emphasized the importance of trust in the democratic process and urged all parties involved to prioritize stability and security during the election period.


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