Occupancy Rates Vary in Hospitality Industry: Large Facilities at 89%, Small Hotels at 67% – BRTK

Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association (KITOB) Predicts High Occupancy Rates for Hotels During the Holiday Season

The Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association (KITOB) has released their forecast for hotel occupancy rates during the upcoming holiday season. According to KITOB President Dimağ Çağıner, large five-star hotels are expected to reach an impressive 89 percent occupancy rate, while smaller hotels are projected to have a 67 percent occupancy rate.

In a statement, KITOB revealed that the overall average occupancy rate is expected to be around 78 percent. “Out of our 108 member hotels, 26 are anticipated to reach full occupancy during the holiday season. Additionally, 42 of our member hotels are expected to have occupancy rates between 60-99 percent,” the statement said.

With these optimistic projections, it appears that the hotel industry in Cyprus is gearing up for a busy holiday season. Tourists looking to visit the region should make their reservations early to secure their accommodations during this peak period.



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