“Ömer Series: 17th Episode Promises Bitter Revenge for Süreyya”

Turkish TV series ‘Ömer’ will be airing its new episode on Monday, May 15, on Star with a story that captures the audience with its portrayal of love against all odds. The show’s strong cast has also caught the attention of many viewers.

In the new episode, Sureyya is determined to take revenge on Ömer. The episode showcases the sudden development of Gamze telling Erdal that she wants to leave, which prompts Erdal to reconsider Sureyya’s claims about Ömer and Gamze. Sureyya becomes angry when she learns that Gamze and Erdal have broken up, and decides to take revenge on Ömer as she believes that her suspicions are true.

The protagonist is also facing problems created by her husband, while Nisa, who is trying to help Ömer, is shocked when she encounters Zerrin in an unexpected place. Nisa tells Hakan that she wants a divorce, but he continues to blackmail her, leaving her helpless.

Despite the challenges, Reşat, who has been disappointed with Ömer repeatedly, takes a deep sigh when he learns that Sureyya’s allegations are false. This development brings father and son closer, but Sureyya’s constant blaming still puts their relationship to the test. Ömer and Gamze struggle to stay strong together despite everything, but both will have to face intruders who come to their house.

The successful director Cem Karcı is in charge of directing Ömer, whose production is undertaken by OGM Pictures. Meanwhile, Gülizar Irmak writes the screenplay for the series.

Viewers can catch ‘Ömer’ every Monday at 8 pm. on Star.


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